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Stainless and glass balustrade
Stainless and glass balustrade

Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrades

Stainless steel and glass balustrades are one of our most popular products. Out fabricators can custom-design the perfect balustrade, combining both stainless steel and glass components.

The added bonus? Our team can also offer unique design suggestions and concepts to maximise your space, ensure views are uninterrupted, and your design boasts a timeless look, sure to add value to your home.

We offer a range of both frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades, with multiple finishing styles and colours available. Of course, adhering to Australian standards is one of our top priorities, which is why we only use the highlight quality fittings and fixings, as well as top-grade safety glass in all our installations.

What’s more? Design possibilities are endless! With the ability to fabricate various metal types, you’ll never have to compromise on style.

Our tradesmen love a unique design concept or a challenging installation. Have an idea you’re not sure is possible? Just ask! We’re ready to help you make your design dreams come true.

Wire balustrades
Stainless and wire balustrade - Contemporary Stainless Steel

Wire Balustrades

Stainless steel wire balustrades have become a really popular choice for residential properties over the years and it’s no surprise as to why! Wire balustrades are versatile, durable and visually appealing. The results of wire balustrades are not only attractive, but they’re effective in strength and stability, with minimal maintenance required.

Before installing wire balustrades in your space, our team will consider the following:

Whether the wire is intended for flat areas such as decks or balconies, or inclined areas like stairs.

How high the balustrades need to be to ensure they’re safe and compliant with Australian Standard.

Staircase balustrade

Staircase Balustrades

Contemporary Stainless Solutions design, manufacture and install stainless steel and stainless wire handrails and balustrades to create spectacular staircases! Whether you’re after a classic style or ultra-modern touch, we’ve got the solution for you.

There are a number of features available with staircase balustrades, from glass to wire, and multiple finishes to add to the aesthetic of your home – all fitted to maximise strength and stability and meet Australian Standard.

Commercial projects - Contemporary Stainless Steel

Fire Stair Balustrades

Fire stair balustrades provide a safe environment for individuals to reach a safe place away from an emergency situation within a building. There are a number of considerations to be made when manufacturing and installing fire stair balustrades. Not sure where to start? No sweat! We’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your fire stair requirements.